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EARN UP TO $750.00 A WEEK! Dear Friend, You can start making money as soon as you learn who to contact and what to do.People are earning up to $720.00 a week and even more.You can do the same- working right at home in your spare time. The work involves stuffing envelopes and mailing letters. Not phony schemes that claim to be envelope stuffing programs. I mean the hottest opportunities that pay real money. GET PAID FOR EVERY ENVELOPE YOU STUFF You insert printed materials into envelopes,seal them, and apply address labels and postage stamps. You get paid for every envelope you complete.It has nothing to do with placing ads,getting orders or anything like that.Each time you finish a job, you simply get paid according to how many envelopes were done. With simple envelope stuffing,THERE ARE NO FEES, AND EVERYTHING IS SUPPLIED FREE! You do not pay for shipping or postage or anything else.And you certainly do not place ads to get the envelopes.The envelopes, printed materials, labels postage,and anything else needed are supplied free by the companies that pay you for the work. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! It's true that big mail order companies have their envelope stuffing done by machine. But many more businesses have smaller jobs that aren't worth the expense of an envelope stuffing machine.Thatís where your help is needed. I'll tell you who pays to have their envelopes stuffed and how you can get some of that work for yourself. You can work with one company or many.THE MORE ENVELOPES YOU STUFF, THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE. It's as simple as that.To get started, read How to get paid for simple envelope stuffing. It's the first one of fifteen money-making reports that Iíve assembled into the book Secrets of easy income by Mail.Each one describes a proven way to make money by mail.simple envelope stuffing is the start, but there are ways to MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY WITH LESS WORK. EARN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FAST Dozens of nationwide companies are ready to pay you thousands of dollars in commissions to mail their circulars.Last year a friend of mine was paid an average of $5,700.00 per week- every week for mailing circulars.The program was free to join with no purchase requirement.Everyone in it had the opportunity to do the same. To make so much money,my friend had to stuff 7,500 envelopes a week.Actually, he didn't stuff them all himself. To tell you the truth, he didn't stuff any at all!. He paid other people to stuff the envelopes while he collected big profits from the checks the company paid him. IT'S NOT CHEATING. IT'S PERFECTLY LEGAL. Anyone can do the same thing no matter where they live. It could just as well be you.My report How to really cash in on commission mailing tells you how. It reveals advanced techniques that can produce huge incomes in the mailing programs of your choice. There are dozens of companies who are looking for more mailers nationwide right now.Hereís your chance to be one of those mailers. Just apply the methods an the techniques revealed in the report on commission mailing. It's one of the reports included in the Secrets of Easy Income by Mail. HOW THE WORK OF OTHER PEOPLE CAN PAY YOU $10,000.00 PER MONTH You do it with my powerful direct mail network marketing method. There are dozens of great network marketing programs in which people apply themselves earn thousands of dollars every month. But if you do it the usual way, you have to sell products, go to meetings, and try to talk your friends into joining. I DON'T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS. I AM JUST NOT INTERESTED. yet I earn thousands of dollars a month from network marketing. I do it entirely by mail. The key to success in mail order network marketing is to get your literature into the hands of a large number of interested people. The usual way is to spend a lot of money on printing and postage and then wait a few months hoping to start making some money back.Well you can forget that method. With my special system,you make money right away and keep on making it! The more letters that you mail, the more money you get back IMMEDIATELY. After that, your income multiplies as your network marketing group expands. My report The Smart, Easy Way to a network Marketing Fortune tells how to apply these methods to your present network marketing program and SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME. Better yet, you can join my favorite easy program and use my PROVEN SYSTEM THAT IS ALREADY WORKING. Starting from scratch, you can build a high-paying network marketing business in just a few months. Then relax with a nice income that grows by itself, just follow the directions in the network marketing report included in the Secrets of easy income by mail. HOW TO MAIL TWO SPECIAL LETTERS AND MAKE UP TO $12,000.00! Of all the money-making techniques in my collection, this is my favorite.You not only get all that money, but you can earn a huge annual income. This fabulous money-maker really works, and it's completely legal and respectable first learned about it from a friend who was doing it. He agreed to show me how, and am I ever glad. Right from the start it worked just as well for me as it did for him. Of all the ways to make money by mail, nothing else can make so much money so fast.Everytime I do it, I receive thousands of dollars without fail. It is absolutely the easiest and surest way I've ever seen to make alot of money on a regular basis.Hereís how it works.You write one letter to business A. Iíll tell you what to write and who to send it to. Then write a different letter to business B. Again, I'll tell you what to write and who to send it to. Include some additional materials which I will explain to you..Then sit back and receive checks in the mail. This is easier than stuffing thousands of envelopes- and you make much more money. I make over$12,000.00 every time.There's no reason why you can't do the same. This method is perfectly legal. It does not depend on getting other people to join any program or do any mailing.When you read the "two special letters" report in my book,youíll see how it works and why it returns so much money.Just follow the directions. you can start earning up to $12,000.00 or more every time you apply them. PROVE IT TO YOURSELF! I covered just four of the fifteen money-making reports that you'll receive in Secrets of Easy Income by Mail. No matter if you're just beginning or you already make money by mail, this practical information can be applied immediately to add thousands of dollars a month to your income.These are not far - fetched plans or phony schemes. These are PRACTICAL, PROVEN METHODS that can bring you an exceptional income by mail. All it takes is some spare time and a kitchen table to work on. Prove to yourself that these methods work. I use them to make thousands of dollars a week. So do some of my friends.Everything we do is described in Secrets of Easy Income By Mail.By following the directions , you could soon be making money the same way.Secrets of Easy Income by Mail costs just $27.95 plus $2.00 for first class postage and handling. You get all fifteen reports for an average of just $2.00 each. That's a bargain! Don't be fooled by the surprisingly low price.Some of the money-making systems you'll get are currently being sold individually for more than $30.00 each. MY GUARANTEE I guarantee the book contains everything I said and that I really do make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY WEEK with it's methods. If not, you can send it back for a full refund. This is not for people who want to borrow a book and get there money back when they return it. That will not work. This is for you if you really intend to apply this information and start making money.All it takes is one good money-making system and you can soon have all the money you need. you can pay your bills and START LIVING THE WAY YOU REALLY WANT. Here is your chance to make up for the money you've been missing out on up till now. Complete the order form and mail it today with $29.95 cash, check, or money order.Iíll rush Secrets of Easy Income by Mail directly to you by first class mail. You can start as soon as you receive it. Sincerely, Jonathon Tucker P.S Don't worry if the advanced methods with your huge earnings sounds like to big a step. You can start out with simple envelope stuffing where there's nothing to buy. Everything is supplied by the companies. They pay you strictly according to how many envelopes that you complete. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORDER FORM TUCKER SYSTEMS ( 21249) 24831 Alicia Parkway, Suite C-320 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 ___ Enclosed is $29.95. Please rush Secrets of Easy Income By Mail to me by first class mail. ( Customers in California: Please add sales tax for a total of $32.00) Name --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address------------------------------------------------------------------------------- City, State, Zip---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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