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HOME WORKERS NEEDED NOW!! STUFF ENVELOPES, DO CRAFTS,ETC... WORK FROM HOME!!! NEW BOOK AVAILABLE, LISTING COMPANIES THAT ARE HIRING HOMEWORKERS, OVER 200 COMPANIES LISTED, PLUS FOR A LIMITED TIME- A FREE WEB SITE THAT IS UPDATED WEEKLY WITH NEW OPPORTUNITIES. THIS COSTS ONLY $19.95 !! EARN $439.00 TO $2,757.00 PER WEEK FROM HOME !! Doing Flexible Work That Fits Your Schedule And No Experience Is Required Dear Future Home Worker: We are proud to introduce to you the most exciting, fastest growing trend in the United States today! WORKING FROM HOME! You have come to the right place to find legitimate WORK AT HOME opportunities that deliver what you expect, not what you are lead to believe! WARNING You have responded to our advertisement and probably several others because you are interested in legitimate income opportunities from home. Be aware that there are those who are not honest or legitimate and do not offer legitimate homework opportunities. Only false hopes and dreams! Right now you are probably excited and will continue to be, like most of the 21+ million Americans were when they got started working from home! Now you can do flexible work to fit your schedule no matter how busy you are with a current job, school, children, or whatever it maybe! Many nationwide companies want and need your help at home immediately! These companies are in hot pursuit, looking to expand nationwide by using independent home workers like yourself. Better yet! You could make your desired income whether it be supplemental to your existing income or a full-time income with many of these companies immediately! We aren't going to lead you to believe that you are going to be a millionaire or get rich. But, we can promise-that you can certainly change your life in a positive way whether it be mentally, physically, or financially by responding to this letter if you're truly interested in getting started working from home now or in the future! All you have to do to get started is contact your choice of one or several of the 250 well known, established national companies that we provide for you in this current work book. These companies WILL OFFER YOU WORK IMMEDIATELY from your home providing them with your services according to your schedule, not theirs! We have received many commending letters of current home workers who have used our quality lists to find their desired work. They were so happy to share with us their success--and ours--in showing them the way to a richer, fuller life working at home! Here are a few actual quotes from people who have used our lists: "Thank you for your great help in my search for work," -Scott Ryan "I am pleased to say the information I have received from you was of great use to me. God Bless," -Rosie B. "I enjoy having the extra money to spend on things I've had my eyes on for a while. Thanks! -J. Brenan Information on legitimate work-at-home opportunities are not easy to come by. There is a great deal of depth involved in the research process of obtaining the information of all the companies to produce qualified current book. Our book includes the type of work the company is in need of, names, addresses, phone & fax numbers, as well as some email and home page addresses, all so you can contact the companies and get started immediately with ease! When you receive the book, look over the many excellent opportunities available right now, and contact the companies. They'll be happy to get you started. Here are a few of the many types of work available. Office Support Positions-Computer-Based Homework-Envelope Stuffing-Bookkeeping-Programming-Data Processing-Graphic Art-Marketing-Research-Sales-Product/Craft assembly photography-telemarketing-proofreading-and Many More! We have done all the hard work for you in finding legitimate work-at-home opportunities with national companies. All you have to do is get the book from us to contact the companies. So your part is easy. Don't miss out! To Order use Order form below and send to:" K.T Publications”ADD $2.00 for POSTAGE AND HANDLING PER ORDER Cash or Check, MONEY ORDER ONLY: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ K.T PUBLICATIONS RUSH ORDER FORM PO Box 745 FARMINGVILLE,NY 11738 DATE_________________ (Price is $19.95 plus $2.00 for postage and handling) Make Money Orders or CHECKS payable to K.Tweedy [ ] Yes I want to start making money. Enclosed is $21.95. Please rush me The HOME BUSINESS GUIDE TO EASY MONEY by first class mail.(for a limited time a free web site will be included with jobs which is updated weekly) Allow an extra week for clearance when paying by check. Name_______________________________________ Address_____________________________________ City, State, Zip ________________________________ Type of work _______________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase. If this book is not what I said it was. And you tried at least two opportunities (enclose proof),Return UNDAMAGED [not wrote in,wrinkled,pages missing, etc., and a full refund will be sent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All listings are believed to be accurate at the time of printing. We are not responsible for any dealings you may have with the company, nor do we guarantee that you will get work. If a company has gone out of business we would like you to let us know, so we can eliminate them from the list.

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